I opened my window and gazed into the sky without clouds. As if wounded. I saw the particles of his blood pouring into the ground with a loose turn. Frozen . I stretched out my hand. I felt the snow like a hedgehog in the palm of my hand. I was cold and drowsy in my face. Saying that the dog is losing me.

It was a few times. I closed the window of my room with snowflakes on a heater. When I looked at them, I heard them burning. Maybe it was joy. Getting back to heaven.

I do not know why I decided to leave the house. Although it was a long time to fall from the snow. With that ugly color. Many people think that the color is good. Bless! But this is not my opinion. This color is dull in my eyes. Color that easily changes. I said to myself “I’ll go to the newspaper”

I wear my coat. Hats and handkerchiefs and shawl also. I want to go to the snow battle. So I have to wear warm clothes to not overcome me. I stepped out of the house, the alley is quite white. I take the first step firmly on the ground. I want to stay on the ground all the time. I do not want to be snowy if it wants to be erased. I close my eyes to reduce the effects of snow on the ground. A swimsuit neighbor swooping around me. His young boy goes away from the mother, walking in the snow. When I saw that she liked snow like me just under her feet, she said to her mother and said, “Learn from your son, the snow that you do not fear, you hid it from your own”, his mother, who, as if I did not understand anything, came to her son She took her hand and took her under her umbrella. The face of the boy was thrown and the tip of her nose was fried. But they laughed. In my eyes, I realized that it was a pleasure for me to fight as far as I could. I stepped up my steps to get to the street. The cars moved more slowly than before. They also wanted to keep as little snow as possible. I enjoyed seeing people who were running under the snow and happy to run around. My hands were in a pocket of coffin and I did not feel cold at all.

I walked in the street and looked at people. I saw a young boy and boy who had taken their face to the sky. Open mouth! It was really a heavenly scene. I felt like I was feeling like I was a man. I saw a man who wanted to illuminate her wet cigar with her wet matches. I honored him. Hope that even with cigarettes and matches, you can fight against the snow. Two young girls had made a ugly snowman on the side. The pink man was round. With a nose like Pinocchio! I got a laugh. It’s been a falsehood that this bad snow has not yet become a man. That’s how his nose was! Three men were burnt by a fire burning in a pint of oil in a snowstorm. An older man, his hands were hanged on it and kept open and closed. I got to the newsstand. I bought my daily newspaper and came back to the house. A few feet past the canvas, which reached the pit that was silent and inside it was full of snow. I just thought I should have been upset by the fact that I saw a snowman while a boy’s hat was over, the target of the young girls’ snowballs had been aimed. When I saw the angry man, I smiled brightly on my lips, smiling. I saw the girl and the young boy again, who were walking on shoulders on their shoulders. Their suits were quite white from the snow. And this means they were like everything snow like snow. I saw a few alleyways pushing their car to turn on. I know that turning off their car was an excuse to pick up a few people so that the snow falling under the car It was safe to see the house that I reached, and we saw our neighbor again running in the snow, and his son, who took an umbrella on his head, with a cold lipstick, but he looked at me laughing. I got home and I hang in the heat of cold weather.

It was the first time I had to take a golden tobacco. The armchair that came from my window open my side and cooed my face and the other side was hot from the heat of the heater. Because of the storm’s temperature difference, Created! The present article is the result of the destruction of that storm.