How many times did he feel so alone? Until a while, I did not even think that I would be so alone. Anyone who married a marriage took her laugh. He missed the men. He always said, “Men are on the head of a car,” and for example, to her sister’s husband, to signify. The poor sister who you saw was always his eyes full of tears. How many months have passed since their marriage, her husband was addicted. He had not been able to leave. Others said that “the place of a child in your life is low, if he sees that his father is coming to himself”. But neither the father of a boy nor the father of a girlfriend, he did not give him a decent one.

The song was grieving like his sister. Her thoughts were only engaged in various suitors, who had rejected all of them with unpardonable pathetic pleasures. From the time when this sense of damnation came to him, he drove every door to find a suitable husband. He had not changed much in his eyes. Previously, his idea of ​​men was much harder than men. But now that it was necessary, the case was different. He was always gazing at the mirror and almost always arranging. When he was finishing his lesson, he was spending all his time at home.

Until a friend of his day had set a solution to her, and that she would go to Rome. He found a man who could solve any problem using Ramal and Asfalak. The song was very happy. The next day he went to Ralem with his friend. The man was about to be an old man with a beard and a long hair that seemed to be more like a shepherd. The song told her the man Ralm, and after a few times dropping the baldness and reading the word and opening an old book, she concluded that the song is forbidden by anyone. He asked his song to close his eyes. Hand-picked a song on the face and prayed for some time and said that he had broken the spell. She gave a piece of paper and said: “Make it tonight before going to bed in a bowl and drink water in a few minutes; you will sleep in a dream who is your future wife and try to treat him better than the rest.”

The song was performed by Rimal. Before bed, put the paper in a container filled with water. His mother poured a little rosewood into the dish and explained to the song that the rose water is better than water! . The song was very curious to know what was written inside the paper, but as much as he insisted on, he could not persuade him to read the paper inside and eventually drank water and went to bed. Before bedtime, she thought to Ralm and her words. His mind was noticed by several of his previous suitors. The one who was the most prominent was Majid, his latest request. A polite young man who was seen by a friend of the song. She did not hurt too much, but she thought that living alone would be much easier than being married. He was upset and had a conscience punishment. She wished she could regain her heart. Sleepy night, he dreamed of seeing Ralem’s man repeating his words. It woke up very early in the morning. It was sad that he was so superstitious. He never believed in the supernatural issues. He was embarrassed to believe that these things were true. By the time of dusk, he was thinking of what he would say to Majid and how to make the case out of him.

The sound of the bell did not sound like a song. His mother’s voice was taller than the ring, “Mother, come to you at the tent of her suit.” Sucked Dean went to the kitchen. He looked from the outside. He thought he would see Majid coming in with a bunch of flowers, but seeing the man of Ralm, all his desires went out.

I wanted to laugh at superstitions. I laughed but I do not know if you can look at this story or not!