Fugo is one of the most important forms of the Baroque era, with a multicolored texture composed of several lines of music in different steps.
The fugue consists of three main parts.
The “description” of which the main melody of his work is introduced
“Expansion & Development” that introduces the original melody with change and development and in different steps.
“Repeat”, which once again heard the original melody of his work.
According to many musicians, Fugue is considered to be the most difficult form of classical music. The song that a fugue writes itself as a professional composer, and the longer the prolonged effect and the more harmonious harmony He’s got an honorary sign for that composer.
In my opinion, the complexity that exists in Fugue brings up the mind of man. For example, when two people play chess and you look at them, you try to analyze and predict their behavior. Simultaneous listening to the conversation of six people with a The topic is special.
Let’s hear a few Fugues together and find their three main parts. Discovering this little secret will make the pleasure of hearing it multiply.

Let’s hear a fugue from Mozart’s darling with that cheerful spirit with two pianos-musicians Mrs. Ingrid Haebler and Mr. Ludwig Hoffmann from Austria

Fugue Before bed, we made by Mr. Glenn Gold, a great Canadian composer and pianist. This Fugo explains how to write Fugo !!!!
It’s a good idea …