He wore a black suit. He picked up his suitcase and moved in. Before turning off the light, he checked his house again to make sure he had not forgot about everything. He took all the necessary supplies. He closed the tap and the water, saying “everything is ready.” She turned off the light, put her hand in her pocket and after touching the train ticket, she made sure it was removed. Locked in from the back and left the apartment. He looked at his gold watch. There was not an hour more. He waited for a taxi to get out of the way. He saw a taxi in the alley looking for the license plate of his house. He shook hands so the taxi could catch him, but the driver, who seemed to have not seen him, paused beside each house and checked the license plate number. It was also a misfortune that an agency that ever rented a car would not have a car. Taksi eventually braked under his feet, and he urged the driver to open the car’s back. When he put his suitcase in the car, he suddenly remembered something and went to his house. He pulled out his key and twisted it inside the lock and lit the lights. Moved to the phone and placed it on the messenger and cleared the previous messages. Once again he checked the house and left home. Riding a car, he said very arrogantly: “Train station please,” and while he looked at his watch, continued:

“We do not have more than forty-five minutes.”

The driver looked at him from the inside of the mirror and said under the lips that it was not a concept. Walking around the alley, without looking back, looked at the alley. There was no memory of that alley. Not even bought there. He always made his phone calls and enjoyed it. It felt as modern. Revisited his map again. Riding a train and going to Isfahan, he stayed for one week at a hotel that had worked hard and enjoyed the beauty of Isfahan during this time. Then he went to Shiraz by plane. The name of Shiraz in his mind was horrified because his wife and children were having fun there. She was told by a general excuse that she could not leave the office and stay at home. He decided to go to Isfahan for a week and then go to his family afterwards. This featured a shotgun and two. He could have enjoyed his loneliness and travel, and felt his wife as if he had suddenly gone to them! A weekly tour, or, as he said, “Iran,” he spoke this word in his mind as if he was a traveler!

Arrived at the train station. He took the car rental with some amount of credit, and he was very cool off the car. When he picked up his suitcases, he thought the driver was helping him, but he did not. Angrily, he took his jacket and entered the station. It seemed to have entered another world, because everybody was in anxiety and quickly spread.

“Train passengers to Isfahan as soon as possible, the train will move for another minute”

When he heard that the ticket officer responsible was checking his ticket and his identification card.

– Please ride faster. Dwan Dowan traveled to the train, where a man’s body fell on his body and fell to the ground. He got up from the ground with anger. He followed a sentence to tell the man, but he saw the face of the man in his tongue. The man stretched out his hand and he picked up with the help of the man. That man was no other than his uncle’s uncle, whose family was supposed to stay with him for two weeks. She swallowed her hand in her pocket and touched the ticket for the second one. As he looked at the train, he thought that if he traveled only one minute later, could he ride, or did he not do one of the things that he did in that hour?