Eduard Monck is a painter of the twentieth century, most of whose paintings are in the expressive style. He portrayed his childhood sensation in his paintings. In this painting we see hands clinging to a skull-like skull and a curious face that stands on the floor and screaming. Two people at the end of the bridge stand behind the main character without complete clarity. On the other side, we see a dark blue river image that passes through the bridge and joins the sky to the sky. The sky is covered with orange and yellow in color and creates an unconventional atmosphere. In this painting, the viewer focuses on two parts. 1. The person is screaming – 2. Space behind the person who is disturbed. The first center of attention in the person’s scenes is shouting and then the orange space behind. If we summarize the dominant colors in both the blue and the orange spectra, it is felt that blue and orange areas are in conflict. These two colors can indicate the contradiction between night and day, and the rapid passage or conflict between calm and anxiety. Most of the painting is drawn with diagonal lines and is in a wave-like state that can be described within the character and represents an intrinsic storm and instability of a person. The paintings are composed of a combination of the original warm and cold colors that show the contrast between them and their concept (relaxation and anxiety). Perhaps part of the thing that resulted in this work was the eruption of the Indonesian Cretaceous volcano in 1883, which was so intense and so loud that no human had ever heard it. Its sound waves went up thousands of kilometers, and the ash dispersion caused the sun to fail in the sky and revealed a red color spectrum. The horror and anxiety resulting from the incident are depicted in this painting with another motive. Interestingly, the two other characters present in the painting and behind the main character, perhaps from this despicable state, are unaware of their helplessness and horror, and look coolly. But their presence is associated with the presence of expectant disaster. The character of painting does not inspire a scream. With his ears, he feels more afraid of a fearful sound. The straight lines of the bars of the bridge have doubled the rigidity of the space and, while it can not be the backbone of the main character, prevents its escape.