Summer with scratches and unique voice of Janis Joplin promised Jimmy Mursan: A girl moved by a trauma, such as Eisen, Zmkht.sal 1968

Jennifer Joplin was one of the musical myths. It was a solid mix of rock and blues.
Jenny’s legend, in addition to his music in the context of lifestyle, also impressed a generation of young American girls. The generation that was encouraged at that time was a different pattern that showed her selective choices beyond the norm and women’s independence.
Jenny, along with Jim Morrison and Jimmy Hendrix, for the sake of their first name J (J) and their relatively close death (drug / psycho-related), all three about the age of 27, over the course of a few months, the trio of tragic and legendary Terry Jazz “(Three j’s) Make up the rock music of the 1960s.
Rolling Stone magazine ranked the top 100 artists of all time, Genis Joplin ranked 28th. One who died at the age of 27 …