One day a girl will be with her boyfriend to meet tomorrow Ferdowsi, Tehran, to see her mother’s son. The husband wants to wear a red dress because her mother likes this color very much. She does the same thing and heads tomorrow. But the boy was killed and killed the previous day … The woman is over 30 years old. In the hope that her son and mother today will be among ….
The Red Woman. The Myth of Contemporary Iranian Love.
I do not have the right and wrong, wise or crazy, it’s beautiful that art has always been there with him. It’s the duty of art.
Rahi Mo’airi and Mohammad Ali Sepanlou have lyrics, Suzanne & Fereydoon Foroughi Brosh, Taraneh Khondan, Mohammad Hamzah, Shabestan, Jaber Ansari and Khosrow Sinai to document it …