The most important feature of classical music is that everything is recorded and unchangeable. So why do different performances run from a single work?
– medium .
To transfer any kind of art, there is a need for mediums or transmitters. In the painting, canvas. In the cinema, cinema screen. In music, instruments.
The first issue is the recording of the effect. When we listen to music live, we actually hear the sound mix of different instruments. But when they are recorded at the studio, the actors play the parts individually.
So what if we record that effect in a live performance?
The second issue is the player. When we listen to a music through the file, we actually changed the effect from instrument to speaker. To fix this, we use monitor speakers. These speakers or headphones are without any kind of lateral manipulation. Oh, they play the music file. But with any kind of quality and obsessive, the recording and broadcasting operations pass through filters or unwanted filters.
As a result, we have to listen to a classical work live and without the use of voice transmissions.