I was sitting on the same bench at the bar. I watched the glass of wine on the table and looked at a girl who was contemplating a sad sitting on the chair. He was sitting on the face without a beauty. This was not the first time I saw him, but it was the first time to see a sad face. Someone had lost a good feeling. I was not happy that he was sad. I was glad that I was not deprived of this beautiful beauty. It was always fascinating to see the sadness of the people. But this time it was different. It could be because of his beautiful face. His eyes were full of tears. With a half-open lips. Red face. In that situation, I could not recognize that his lips were red, or that it was a red wine that I saw from inside him. I continued to drink as long as I could make the world look like it was from inside the glass I see it. The inside of his hand was a piece of paper that he gazed at. There could have been a letter. He pulled his finger drawn on paper. Lion of wine to the bottom of the road I was warm. I tried to see the girl’s empty glass as I saw before, but the seat was empty. I saw my face rising up. She was wearing a red dress. With a very delicate and fragile organ. A necklace made from pearls on his white neck. His tall dark hair was closed from behind. A smoker burned and gave me a hand. I took it without a word. I put a cigar on my lips and I tasted the taste of the lips inside my mouth. She looked at the paper in her hands and I looked at her pale face. What had been the delicacy of her face creation. I stared at her eyes as she suddenly slipped into a three-dimensional tear droplet on her cheek. I knelt my hand to her face and touched the tear. His face was soft but cold. in a voice that was calm and gentle: “how cold your hands?” I was surprised by his words. I also had the same sentence in my mind. I wanted to get it fast. I wanted to see him cold with cold.

I said: what’s your name

Said joy

I said: why are you so sad?

He said: “The sadness that is not in the name.” Parents and mothers usually see their wishes in their children. I am so happy for you. And again he looked at the paper on the palm of his hands. As I packed my cigar, I looked at his slender fingers and I was amazed. Because I saw my photo on my hands. I was in a chair on my own. I was staring at my glass of wine. Some of the consciousness that remained in my mind came to my notice, and it made me realize that tonight I was overused! At that moment, the girl ordered one more glass. I found a bad deed. I thought about myself before. That he could read my thoughts that were not yet on the tongue or paper, and that was very bad! I wanted to try it. I was thinking about what to think. First The thing that came to my mind was that why he is so sad?

– Why do you always sit on this chair and look sad in the glass?

I really realized that he could read my thoughts. But why did he speak to me? I did not need to hear my thoughts.

I do not want you to be so sad. If I talk to you, I remember the memory that I want to know from your discomfort. When I see, always and at all, bad thoughts and fantasies You have a nonsense. When I see you have nothing to do but see the whole world in my red color. I even treat my lips with red wine. Even my friend should be humiliated. What kind of happiness do I have? I am always sad. All this wound is also due to you!

I saw her anger. On the other hand, I blamed myself why I was upset by this beautiful angel. On the other hand, I was angry. I was so. I was intrinsically isolated and he was now questioning my existence. I said: I mean, you were not happy?

Said you were not Nbvdm.mn I’m living with you and you too.

I said: But I have not seen you all the time. I did not even know, so how do I live?

Said: You were not alive. You just breathed. You did not live. All my words are the same. I want to live with you.

The waiter brought a glass of wine and put it on the table. At that moment, I thought that it was definitely one of those people who could concentrate on the thoughts of others and now come to stick with me and probably get some things.

I said: Maybe you have to live with me !! !!

Said exactly; you were my years without. I thought to you, but you did not want to make me happy. Because you were not happy. You never miss the bottom. I’m there to see my laugh. But these thoughts never Nzashtn Lntyt.

I said: “It’s not my fault. Adam understands what he understands, he can not understand again!” (1) I understood life. ^ It’s like being a musician who says music is premature and impotent. (2) Allow me to tell you something interesting. One day, the two old ladies cross a mountainous area. They call one of them. “You know, it’s really terrible here.” One said: “Yeah, but it’s the same! (3). I wanted to say that my opinion about life was exactly the same as when I got drunk from my head. The lips of joy were a little bit of a split, and it was a shame on my beautiful face. What a beautiful laugh If all right They are eager to take a moment to see the smile of Jacqueline Monaliza, and I saw a smile with the whole world. I did not come to my mind, but he suddenly laughed on his lips. I remembered that I did not need to open my mouth at all. He I knew everything. I do not know how I felt in those seconds. What I was upset was thoughts that caused joy and, on the other hand, I was afraid that I had seen a smile that changed me. I was staring at my eyes. Looks like he was waiting for me to create something for his joy. I raised myself to someone who needs me. But what do you need? He needed something that I had forgotten all my life. Could I change my worldview easily?

– Did not I change my whole life for you?

It was true to me. He was my joy and I had deprived him of all my life of being myself. Now it was my turn. I had to do something and leave the girl from this damn sad. I drank a glass of rice in half. I had a smile on my lair. I laughed out of my smile and laughed at my laugh. I laughed at each other and with each other. What a joy was delightful. I tears with laughter from my eyes. I saw my hand stretched out to me with a cigarette smoked. I put a smudged smudge of my fingers on a cigarette and took out a new cigar. This time, I did not taste the smell. I looked into the glass of half a glass of wine. I looked from the inside of the glass to the chair. The little girl stared at me. Waiting for my smile. I blinked at first. She also laughed.

۱: Iraj Karimi

۲: Anatoly Lunacharsky

۳: Woody Allen