About me

birthday is in mid-March

Grown at the height of instability and sophistication

Self-known in the artery and arm of reform and reform

Long live this and dead with that ….it was waving

Believing in existentialism, along with postmodernism, I see suspicious and positive Marxism.

Friend with psychology and philosophy

I live music and breathe the art

Hate and elusive From habits and duplicates.

Writing is a kind of passage for me. Crossing the nostalgia and the anxieties. Passing yourself toward everything that’s getting better. To be beautiful . Writing is healing for me. Healing “the wounds that erupt and tear slowly in the solos of the soul of Adam”.
I’m not writing to write. My writings are just the words that I should say. Events, experiences and emotions that I see or feel. But now they were exposed to my thoughts. My intellectual concerns. My concerns