I was sitting at the door when I saw that I was going through the couch. My eyes fell on my eyes. My trembling shook. What a beautiful view. I was embarrassed and went home. I sat down on the sofa and thought to her. How many times did I miss this state, but I had stopped my sensation. I needed one to love her. I did not want to be an overhead. It was true that he did not give up and I did everything, but I was looking for someone else. It was not my ideal. I felt like I was too late to make it happen. I thought I did not know that he was having a relationship with a boy. It had been many times that I could see talking to the phone for one hour and thinking that I was waiting for you. But I saw from the corner of the room how stuck with that stranger. Honestly, I did not get upset. I was happy that the stars are laughing. She laughed too early with me, especially the first month. But how often did she get stuck with that stranger to me. One day you came out, there was a branch of the rose in your hand. He told his mom that he had bought a flower for himself and put him in a pretty bow and won his room. But at the same time, I figured out what the flow was going to be. Without anyone seeing Goldon I broke. The star thought his caravan was little, because he never thought I would do anything. His mom said, “Carmen.” He even said, “I saw that he did it.” Her mother was having trouble with me since the very first day I left. With my movements I know that I’m in that house. For example, when I was going to a corner I was going to take a dash, so tired of it to leave the room. I remember a day when the star was sick and I was teasing him, and I was his agent! I looked at me as if I were a gigantic microbe. I wanted to leave that house but it was hard. I had a lot of memories from that house. I thought I would run away with the star, but the one who could not leave because he left there was another place. So I had to do it so that perhaps the star would be easier for her love than her mother would be comfortable with. It was good for me too. In the middle of the only one who was very tired, he was a star. Because I was just my partner. I went to bed star. She smelled of her body. I was so good. I felt I was lying beside her. I closed my face and talked to her. I told him everything. I told her what she was seeing when she saw that girl. I told him how much I suffered because I was overwhelming. I said to him that I had rolled Rodon Roedon, I wanted to tell him, I know that someone is living, but I would rather tell him herself. My eyes were full of tears, but I still had no idea that I felt a droplet of tears on my face! When I came back I saw the star lying beside me. He was listening to me. For a moment I was scared to hear my words, but I thought it was better to hear, because I did not dare to say it. The star hug me. I saw that I was crying. With my hand I cleared the star from my cheek. The station without an introduction said “I fell in love!” Although it was a while, I knew it, but I did not have the patience to hear it. I approached it myself. I heard her heart beating faster than before. I said, I know, but you do not look. With his hand stroking his hair. I really liked it. She knew that. When I did this, I remembered my mother. It was too long for my mother to know. Nearly when we found each other and the stars. I miss you. It was time that it was

Go ahead The star was the one with whom I had two words

I do not want me anymore I got up from the bed and went

Alleyway I waited to come and see her again. I wanted to tell him I love him. Tell her and take her to my mother. My mother would have been happy that this time I fell in love with someone like myself and I could have dismayed her last time. How many hours did you wait? I said, “I’m in love,” and read to her. Without saying anything, he said to my mother. Her gift was a kiss on the forehead. I was happy and I read it out.

I decided tomorrow that day. Let’s go to the star and see her for the last time. I wanted to say goodbye to him, but I saw something that got stuck. The star, while the red rose was in her hand, talked with a stranger’s son – you finally figured out how to waste your free time with her. I did not say that he was showing up on his own essence. You said that he was different from the rest. Perhaps he knew something that told him white eyes.

And I came back without saying goodbye to the star.