Sahar was born on a rainy night, on 13/6/1384. At age 2 he spoke completely. His age reached 6, and his parents sent him to a kindergarten. In the kindergarten he learned painting and painting. Pre-school and guidance courses with good grades. His first major problem in life was that he did not know what field to study. With the guidance of his parents, he chose the computer. The first year he did not accept the exam, but since he was still the second high school, he could not enter the university. The following year they were accepted in their own city. The second semester of one of her classmates called for her. He felt that since their families are level, he could give a positive answer to this after graduation. The boy worked at a pistachio importer. After a while, it was found for Dawn. Those two days worked 12 hours. After four years of their joint life, the arrival of Nefrosomy was to their two-person family. A golden hair boy who called her homosexual, because her grandfather’s grandfather’s name was Homayoun. Hemayon grew up. As much as his condition at age 21 was like his father’s condition precisely when he was married. Homayoun married. Sahar was not happy about seeing his bride. Although laughing at the wedding, it was heavily influenced. Felt old. This feeling was strengthened by seeing the wrinkles around her eyes. Sahar died at the age of 47 from a heart attack.

He was a man, and he only understood the worry of life, and always unconsciously sought something that he could not understand.

He never heard Sartre’s name. He did not know what the intellectual challenges of the child meant. He did not see Rainbow in his life. It did not matter to him what the first poem he was reading. Could not recognize the blossom of apples from pears. Never looked at the shape of the clouds. Did not even see the sea.

“Who has not seen the sea, what did you understand from his life?” *

Perhaps this was because, in childhood, his contribution to nature was only the park’s trees. Or maybe the bride of Eid. Never used old furniture with a few tiny chicks. He heard all the stories recorded, not from his mother’s mother before bedtime. There was not even a stray dog in their alley to throw stones at it. He did not regret having a bike.

Day of death of Sahar, daughter of Homayoun. She was named after her grandfather’s grandfather’s name.

* Forough Farrokhzad