Well, mama was exhausted
After she had me

It took two nurses to hold me

One nurse to slap me

Doctor turned to mama

And shook his head

Wiped the sweat off his brow

And then he said

“This boy is way off the charts
As far as I can tell
Ooh, brrr, mama he’s a double XL”

By the second grade

I was five foot two

Fifth grade, I was wearin’
A size-twelve shoe

Eighth grade, I was shoppin’
At The Big And Tall

And the coaches had me playin’
High school football

Uncle Roy said, “Boy you’ll make the NFL
Ooh brrr son, you’re a double XL

Double XL, double XL

Don’t call me on the phone

Just ring my dinner bell

Double XL, double XL

I’m a lean, mean love machine
That likes to be held

Ooh brrr baby, I’m a double XL

Here we go

County cuties in Texas

String bikinis in Florida

Barbie dolls drivin Lexus’ out in California

A skinny, little pretty boy

Ain’t what they wanna hold

They want a real man

With meat on his bones

I’ll yank their Yankees
Ring their southern bells

They say, “Ooh brrr
We love a double XL”

[Chorus x2]

Well if you have any doubts

Come see for yourself

Why all the girls love a double XL

Ooh brrr, yeah I’m a double XL

Yeah, oh whoa

Triple XL too